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The Benefits of Tap Dance Class

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Tap is a type of dance that is not quite the same as numerous well known dance styles because of its emphasis on extravagant footwork. Tap is an incredible class decision for both young boys and young girls who need to move but are searching for a style that is just as intellectually stimulating as it is physical.

Below are the main advantages of Tap to keep in mind while deciding whether your child would love to take a Tap dance class:

Great cardio workout: An hour of tap dancing burns between 200 and 600 calories depending on the class pace and the effort used in the hour. Likewise, Tap dancing tones major muscle groups in the legs and core. Since the legs do most of the work, the arms are usually lifted above the shoulders. This strengthens and tones those muscles. Also, this elevates the heart rate and creates a definite cardio workout.

Improves posture and equilibrium: One of the primary exercises children learn in Tap class is correct weight position over the balls of the feet. This posture should be combined with relaxed knees and a strong core. This results in working on your child's equilibrium as well as their coordination and control too.

Mental Acuity: Tap invigorates your child's mental activity since a large part of the style revolves around learning and retaining different patterns and arrangements. Repetition, reversing, and keeping count of the cadence designs supports intellectual ideas that your child is now learning in school.

Emotional Release: Tap dance is a safe and an emotional relief for your child. This is because stepping, stomping, and tapping are lively exercises that make sound. This can be especially therapeutic for children who are extremely expressive and need exciting physical ways to get moving.

Sound creation: Tap and Hip Hop are among the dance styles that create sound as a component of the dance. With Tap dancing, the tapping sound can be heard over the music and this is just as beautiful as the tapping itself. This adds an entirely different quality to the work of art.

Space Conservative: During a time when students love to practice in their own homes, Tap is especially great for dancing in a more modest space of room. Tap dance can be practiced anyplace where there is a strong firm floor structure.

To wrap things up, Tap dancing is downright fun. Exciting, sound-producing, musical, and smooth. Tap is a style most appropriate for an active and expressive child who adores the test of mental incitement while moving.

At Access to Motion Dance Company, we offer Tap dance classes for the little ones. If interested please connect with us to reveal how your child can profit from this lovely dance style!

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