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An Intro To Jazz Dance

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Jazz music is all over the place. From famous network shows to hit motion pictures and advertisements, jazz is surrounding us. However, what is jazz dance?

Prior to the 1950s, the expression "jazz dance" was utilized to address an assortment of dance styles that started from the African American vernacular moves which were famous in the last part of the 1800s to mid 1900s. Around the 1950s, current jazz dance began to acquire footing,

with its underlying foundations in customary Caribbean dances. At that point, jazz dance was additionally considered to be tap dancing, as tap was perhaps the most conspicuous type of dance in that period. Over the long run, jazz dance advanced, and an assortment of dance styles became known, including: the Cakewalk, Black Bottom, Jitterbug, Swing, and the Boogie.

Today jazz dance is exploratory, which is a free structure style of dance that includes great footwork, enormous jumps, and elegance. This sort of dance can be seen as exciting to the watcher, with syncopated developments and undeniable degrees of energy.

Some recognizing parts of jazz dance include:

• Grounded dance movements. This is when an artist keeps a low focus of gravity, and frequently requires the artist to bend their knees.

• Isolations. This movement is when a dancer detaches or isolates a specific piece of their body. The body parts to isolate are mostly the arm or rib cage.

Compelling Jazz Dancers

Jazz dance wouldn't be conceivable without the assistance of some fantastic artists. The main individuals to impact this style of dance was a man named Jack Cole. Otherwise called "the dad of jazz dance" Cole was an unquestionably gifted theater director who made an assortment of ballet dance based dance moves that have been taken on by jazz dance.

Another jazz artist important is Bob Fosse, who was really impacted by Cole. Not at all like other jazz artists at that point, Fosse rejected the firm positions and the different strategies of the ballet technique. This encouraged him to make moves like rolled shoulders, sideways shuffling, and of course jazz hands! Fosse was likewise known for utilizing props in his performance, similar to sticks, chairs, and hats.

The last jazz artist that is important to feature is Katherine Dunham. She was generally known or blending customary Caribbean dance with contemporary jazz dance, and she was the primary individual to build up a black dance organization during the 1940s.

Jazz Dance Attire

Like most styles of dance, jazz dance requires a specific clothing, ideally one that will permit you to move without limitation. Loose garments are not recommended because in jazz dance because the student's body and lines should be clearly seen. A few young dances like to wear expressive dance leotards, however more often than not, a jazz dancer will wear dance pants and

a tank top or shirt. When it comes to dance shoes, numerous dancers wear split-sole jazz dance shoes.

This introduction is just the beginning to what jazz dance has to offer. Come join Access to Motion Dance Company for a great time in jazz class!

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