From the front lines to the


Access to Motion Dance Company is a company created by an Army military spouse. Her vision stems from a life long passion, rooted in the emphasis of family. Dancing is a form of self-expression that can be delivered through a variety of techniques. It is also a common ground to find true friendship and to have a sense of belonging when everything around you is changing. For the military child, moving is the only constant variable in their life. We strive to give them one more constant that will affect them for a lifetime.

Our Mission


Keeping you connected every step of the way.

We serve our military families by offering an energetic creative release for our small unsung heroes.


Our core values include helping to build lasting friendships, aide in promoting social Interaction, as well as be a source of known reliability


The goal at Access to Motion Dance Company is to provide the perfect healthy hobby, that lasts for a lifetime.


We are working tirelessly to provide a program on a base near you very soon.